Lose Weight and Build Brain Power with Exercise

Lose Weight and Build Brains with ExerciseYou go to the gym to burn fat and build muscle, but what about your mental muscles? Your brain may not technically be a muscle, but it benefits from a workout every bit as much as your biceps or abdomen. As it turns out, pushing your body physically as you are losing weight will give your brain a bit of a boost, as well as the rest of your body.

One of the many facts of life is that with age, what was once vibrant and strong often begins to fade. We gain weight, our muscles diminish in strength and our minds slowly lose a bit of their sharpness. Physiologically, certain parts of the brain actually begin to shrink starting in late adulthood, particularly the portion of the brain associated with memory.

However, over the past several years researchers have found reason to believe that this memory decline isn’t inevitable. One study from Columbia University found that exercise can greatly improve the cognitive health of adults as they lose weight. In this study, adults over the age of 40 who exercised regularly experienced fewer physiological changes in brain structure than those who lived sedentary lifestyles. Those who put in the effort to walk, bike ride or go to the gym day after day were cognitively sharper, had stronger memories and performed better in other mental tasks than those who did not exercise at all.

Increased exercise also proves helpful in learning new things. Participants in this same study were given lists that they needed to learn and later recall from memory. Those who exercised were better able to recall the memorized items than were those who were sedentary.

Aside from helping your brain work a bit quicker, exercise can boost your mental health by relieving stress, moderating hormone production and reducing your risk of developing severe depression or anxiety.

Your medical weight loss program can help you to learn that anything is possible when it comes to improving your health. Even if you have never been one to exercise in the past you are in the perfect position to get started. Start slow by walking a few nights a week and gradually build up your workout strength by joining a fitness class or visiting a gym with a friend. It is never too late to get started making improvements to your health that will last a lifetime.

Before you incorporate any new activities into your lifestyle make sure to check with a medical weight loss doctor.

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