Medical Weight Loss Success Stories

See how our patients have been losing weight!

“Praise to Signature Medicine’s Dr. Sitapara for his help, support, insight and expertise in helping me lose close to 40 pounds in 12 weeks. His Optifast system was easy and simple to follow. At no time did I experience any hunger or complications. If you’re serious about losing weight this is a system that works.” -Thomas D.

lance a weight loss success

“In six weeks, I went from 245 lbs to 213 lbs. The meal replacements actually taste good. The vanilla and chocolate shakes have good flavors. The soups have substance and they keep you full. The meals avoid digestive issues and I experienced no discomfort. I can’t say enough about the program.” -Lance Aizen

“I have struggled off and on with weight, and tried many different programs over the years. Some were very successfully, and I kept the weight off for a number of years. Whenever I’d get into trouble with my weight again, I’d go back to those programs, but I couldn’t tolerate them anymore because I was having some other medical issues. I decided it was time to talk with my physician about it. I needed someone on the same page as me from a weight loss standpoint. Instead of trying outside things, I needed to work with somebody who knew my whole picture and that made sense at Signature Medicine.

I started with six OPTIFAST products a day, and did only the six for a few weeks, but I found myself easily able to get to the five products a day.

I didn’t find myself hungry. People would ask me that a lot. In fact, I was just at a party where somebody asked, ‘Weren’t you starving?’ I said I wasn’t, and it was because I was spreading the products out through the course of the day, and saved the chocolate bar for my late night snack.

Allison, who works with Dr. Sitapara, suggested vegetables and things I could add to the plan to make it a little more interesting. I did that right away. I would add some celery into my soups and some carrots. Now I come in and give them suggestions. I’ll tell them you can actually turn those soups into cream soups if you just pureed cauliflower and add half a cup to three quarters of a cup of pureed cauliflower to the soups… viola! You now have cream of chicken soup or cream of tomato soup, so it makes things a lot more interesting.
I began to see a rapid result. That was everything for me. It really propelled me forward and motivated me to continue.

This morning I was 158 pounds, down from 197.1. My goal was 145, and I’m getting very close. I really feel fabulous about it. What it offered me was that opportunity to gain control again.” -Cheryl S.

These are real results from real everyday patients of our medical weight loss programs. Individual results may vary. During your consultation with Dr. Sitapara, the results you can expect based on your current weight and medical conditions will be discussed.