Weight Loss Medications

Control your appetite and reduce hunger to achieve lasting weight loss

At Signature Medicine, we include weight loss medications as part of a comprehensive wellness program. When introduced in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, medications can encourage weight loss and help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

How Weight Loss Medications Work

Appetite suppressants are a leading form of weight loss medication. They work by reducing feelings of hunger, thus encouraging you to eat fewer calories. Reduced hunger can help you make smarter food choices, and may also help to curb snacking habits.

Another form of weight loss medication is fat absorption inhibitors. As you digest food, this form of medication prevents the body from properly breaking down and absorbing fat, causing it instead to be excreted naturally as waste. The unabsorbed fat is eliminated from the body as you use the bathroom.

When used under the supervision of an obesity medicine doctor, weight loss medications can be a great asset in your efforts to lose weight and develop a healthier way of life.

Benefits of Weight Loss Medications

Weight loss medications can make it easier to lose weight by reducing some of the hunger that causes overeating. By encouraging weight loss, weight loss medications are often considered beneficial in helping people overcome obesity-related diseases like type-2 diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Weight loss medications are generally recommended for people who:

  • Are overweight or obese, generally with a BMI greater than 27
  • Have a history of difficulty losing weight
  • Are struggling with obesity related diseases, such as type-2 diabetes

Weight loss medications work best when used in combination with other weight loss strategies. Sometimes, weight loss medications are prescribed to reduce hunger during the early stages of the OPTIFAST meal replacement program.

While using weight loss medications can help you feel less hunger, you will still have to make the choice to eat healthy foods, to avoid food when you are not hungry and to engage in physical activity every day.