OPTIFAST for Medical Weight Loss

OPTIFAST meal replacements for a low-calorie diet

The OPTIFAST medical weight loss program introduces low-calorie meal replacement products to help you take control of your diet and lose weight. OPTIFAST products are quick to prepare, nutritionally dense and packed with flavor, making it easier to lose weight.

The OPTIFAST products include:

  • Meal bars
  • Shakes
  • Soups

During your OPTIFAST Program, your calorie intake will be drastically reduced. Research indicates that this reduction will result in up to two to three pounds of weight loss every week. On the OPTIFAST full-meal replacement program, average weight loss is 52 pounds*.

Proven Weight Loss in a Flavorful Formula

The OPTIFAST products can be used as part of a full or partial meal replacement program.

On the full-meal replacement program, you can expect to eat five to six small meals a day, spaced several hours apart. The partial meal replacement program allows for three to four meal replacements and one well-balanced freshly prepared meal per day.

Eating small portions in short increments helps to prevent hunger and keeps you satisfied, energized and alert as you lose weight.

How Does OPTIFAST help you Lose Weight and Maintain Long Term Success?

Your OPTIFAST Program will be broken down into a certain number of weeks as determined by your weight loss physician. After your fist week on the OPTIFAST weight loss plan, most patients stop craving their previous regular diet and may soon stop feeling unnecessary hunger.

After several weeks of active and rapid weight loss, the program will shift into a transition phase during which you will slowly begin to eat self-prepared foods.

Long-term weight loss success after your OPTIFAST program is possible through a commitment to diet and lifestyle changes. Increasing exercise and maintaining a nutrient-dense diet that is rich with fruits, vegetables and whole foods will help you keep weight off long-term.

*Arch Intern Med. 1992 May;152(5):961-6.