Meet Dr. Sitapara

Ashish Sitapara, M.D.

Ashish Sitapara, MD founded Signature Medicine in 2006 as an alternative to today’s reactive primary care medicine. He completed a fellowship at Boston University Medical Center and served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged, also known as Hebrew SeniorLife. He is dual board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and is member of the medical faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on several committees at St Mary including Pharmacy & Therapeutics and the Physician Information Technology Advisory Board. Dr. Sitapara also served on the PA Medical Society’s Task Force for Health Information Technology. Recognized by the American Medical Association’s Leadership Award – Excellence in Medicine, Dr. Sitapara has privileges at St. Mary’s Medical Center and is the medical director at Chandler Hall Wellness Center.

Dr. Sitapara is well known for the class he taught at University of Pennsylvania called “Good Doctoring,” an innovative course that was designed to help medical students have more compassion and understanding for what their patients were experiencing. His focus on concierge medicine allows him to integrate the patient-centered principles of the “Good Doctoring” class completely into his private practice.

Dr. Sitapara uses his physician skills and his practical, communicative approach to work with each individual keeping them informed and involved in every aspect of their care. He believes that each individual has the power to achieve their own health goals and a high level of wellness. Patients have noted him to be compassionate with a comforting, “down to earth” bedside manner. Dr. Sitapara utilizes the most up-to-date resources for evidence-based healthcare.  “We are committed to our patients and are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that our members find the perfect health care for their specific needs.” – Ashish Sitapara, M.D