Dr. Sitapara, a Top Concierge Doctor of Pennsylvania

At Signature Medicine, we’re here to help you accomplish your health goals. Dr. Sitapara is a recognized concierge doctor in the greater Philadelphia area who runs his practice with a compassionate and patient-focused outlook. He makes his patients a priority, providing them with around-the-clock care at their convenience.

Patients of Signature Medicine are provided with a tailored treatment strategy that is designed specifically based on their health needs and goals. Our membership medicine practice specializes in three main specialties - concierge primary care, medical weight loss, and medical spa services. Families from Langhorne, PA, all the way to Richboro, PA, depend on Dr. Sitapara, an elite concierge physician, for exceptional healthcare services to improve their quality of life.

We’ve redefined what it means to be a primary care provider by focusing on preventative wellness strategies that aim to maximize your health in every way.

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World Class Membership Medicine to Maximize Your Health

Dr. Sitapara is available whenever his patients in Yardley, PA, need him to assess their health concerns. Signature Medicine ditches the traditional style of Western medicine to provide patients with healthcare on a more personal level. As a well-renowned primary care provider, Dr. Sitapara develops long-term relationships with his patients to provide them with topnotch care throughout their lives. Signature Medicine generates strong partnerships as a retail medicine practice in many ways. Dr. Sitapara:

  • Allows patients to contact him directly at any time
  • Communicates with patients via text, email, or phone
  • Puts patients first
  • Offers lifelong care and treatment
  • Gets to know patients by building a relationship with them
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Exceptional Treatment Strategies

Whether you need a medical weight loss solution or need guidance for fighting depression, Dr. Sitapara utilizes his extensive knowledge of the industry and vast connections to manage and treat your condition. Patients in and around New Hope, PA, who opt for membership medicine can trust in Dr. Sitapara to provide them with a tailored treatment approach that is effective. He also manages your treatment so that you don’t have to - saving you time and eliminating a stressful experience. He’ll coordinate all of your appointments with specialists when necessary. Read More →

Real Patient Results

Weight Loss Success

Praise to Signature Medicine’s Dr. Sitapara in Newtown, PA for his help, support, insight and expertise in helping me lose close to 40 pounds in 12 weeks. His Optifast system was easy and simple to follow. At no time did I experience any hunger or complications. If you’re serious about losing weight this is a system that works.

The results of medical weight loss programs shown on this website are those of real patients. However, individual results may vary. During your consultation with Dr. Sitapara, the results you can expect based on your current weight and medical conditions will be discussed.

Lance Aizen: Weight Loss Success

In six weeks, I went from 245 lbs to 213 lbs. The meal replacements actually taste good. The vanilla and chocolate shakes have good flavors. The soups have substance and they keep you full. The meals avoid digestive issues and I experienced no discomfort. I can’t say enough about the program.