Are You Sleeping Too Little…Or Too Much?

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping — ideally. When your eight-hours-a-night starts to drop below seven or climb above nine, you may notice that life gets tough. The team at Signature Medicine, the best primary care provider in Newtown, PA, can help you determine if you’re getting the right amount of shut-eye.

You Feel Moody

Are you getting irritated or upset by little things that don’t usually bother you? Studies have discovered a link between sleep deprivation and moodiness. It can also reduce your impulse control, which makes you more likely to speak before thinking.

You’re Stressed Out

A good night’s sleep will lower your cortisol levels, which puts your body in fight-or-flight mode and, frankly, stress you out! If you aren’t sleeping enough, your cortisol starts to climb. You might even pass up a good opportunity because you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You Can’t Focus

You just can’t seem to pay attention to what’s going on right in front of you. You zone out in meetings, you completely forget important information, and your notes could have been taken by a fourth grader. Plus, your motivation to get anything done is at an all-time low.

You Are Unusually Clumsy

Your brain doesn’t just struggle to focus on your work and other regular activities. It can even have trouble keeping track of where your body is located in space. That means you’re more likely to trip, knock things over, or drop something you’re holding.

You’re Constantly Hungry

The less you sleep, the more your body produces ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and the less it produces leptin (the satiety hormone). You’re also more likely to crave sweets and carbs. Therefore, an earlier bedtime may naturally improve your diet.

You Fall Asleep Instantly

The average person takes 5 to 15 minutes to drift off into dreamland, while someone with insomnia will lie awake for 30 minutes or more. If you are conking out within 5 minutes of your head hitting the pillow, then you may need more sleep.

But I’m Definitely Sleeping Enough!

Are you noticing some of these unwanted symptoms but convinced that you’re getting plenty of rest? It’s possible that you have the opposite problem: oversleeping.

It turns out that getting more than nine hours of sleep a night can cause a lot of the same issues as getting less than seven. Check out our new infographic to find out if your symptoms align with getting too much shut-eye.



Ultimately, you can’t diagnose your sleep issues based on an article like this. You have to talk to your doctor. Fortunately, at Signature Medicine, we treat you like a person, not just a patient. Dr. Sitapara will work closely with you, learn about your unique needs, and help you to develop a better wellness plan.

To find out more about our concierge medicine program, please call us today at 215.240.7374!

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