Concierge Medicine Patient Testimonials

Hear what our patients have to say!

“I’ve been a concierge patient for three years. I like the idea of having a doctor basically available 24 hours a day seven days a week. I have access to him if I need it, and that’s very reassuring to me. I also like that you go to many different doctors for different things, and everything comes back to Dr. Sitapara. So he knows every doctor I go to and why. I like that one set of eyes is looking at everything.

Concierge medicine is like night and day compared to what I had before. I was in a group where every time I’d come in, there was a different doctor there. Nobody knew what the other person did before them. I don’t even think they knew my name when I walked in the door.

The care you get with Signature Medicine’s concierge program is incredible. You form this relationship with Dr. Sitapara. He’s helped me with my kids. My daughter came in from college and she needed to see a doctor. She didn’t want to go back to the pediatrician, so now she comes here. I feel like he really knows me. He knows health. He knows my family, and that’s a good feeling.

I feel like we waste money on so many different things. You know, shoes, purses, whatever it is. Why not spend that money on your health? If you don’t have your health, forget it. Nothing else really matters. So to me, concierge medicine is kind of a no-brainer.

When you come here, you’re never rushed. You get an appointment that day or the next day. I’ve gone to doctors, and I’ve waited an hour and a half just to get in the door. There’s none of that at Signature Medicine.

Dr. Sitapara saved my life. There’s nothing more powerful or important than that. That’s for sure.” -Debbie

“We found him to be thorough, knowledgeable and he allowed ample time to spend with you at your appointments. His studied manner with the care of your entire medical situation is important as we age, so that you are not hearing different things from different specialty doctors. He speaks directly to your other doctors, and discusses you as a person, to coordinate keeping us in the best physical shape and healthy as we get older.” -Lynn and Ed Breen

“Dr. Sitapara is WONDERFUL! He is kind. He listens. He is thoughtful in making suggestions and recommendations. I cannot imagine what medical help would be like without him.” -Jean B.

“My experience with this practice has been a life saver for my husband and myself. A superb doctor who is always willing to listen, great diagnostician and returns calls promptly. The nurse practitioner has a great rapport with her patient – another great plus. The referral service is extremely important and has been very successful for us. Friendly, informative staff, most helpful. Lucky day for us when we found Dr. Sitapara.” -Allison B.

“I went to a dermatologist for spots that were all over my body. Without diagnosing, they simply prescribed a topical solution. I came to Dr. Sitapara, on my first appointment, he sat by my side and listened. My appointment was Friday. By Monday, I was already seeing my specialist to get the care I needed referred by Dr. Sitapara. He’s a wizard in diagnosing. I was also diagnosed with cancer, and Dr. Sitapara has been by my side since. I love him, I couldn’t praise him high enough and he is a prince among men.” -Sister Patricia Ann Watkins

“I had a primary physician for probably about 30 years prior to coming to Signature Medicine. He got older and I was unhappy with the care. The office itself was a bit disruptive, it wasn’t a friendly environment and started to lose that personal feel—then I got sick. I got increasingly sick, and I needed a doctor who provided full service. For me, it was important to have somebody that communicated with all my other doctors as an intervention for my illness.

I asked my internist for a referral and he referred me to Dr. Sitapara, stating that if he was in need of a doctor himself that is the gentleman he would see. So I came to Signature Medicine.

Dr. Sitapara is a great communicator, he’s very effective. I felt very comfortable and the staff was friendly as well. As time went on, it became more important to me—because of my illness— that I had someone that was communicating with all of my doctors. I’m not confused anymore by different doctors telling me different things. Dr. Sitapara communicates with all my doctors so that I don’t have to. Since I started with his care, I had a transplant so he even communicates with the transplant clinic as well. But I only have to deal with one person, so therefore the line of communication is very clear. He knows all of my other problems and medical issues and deals with them all at one time.

If I call (which I rarely do) I get a phone call back, and it’s not like I’ll get a phone call back from somebody else, I get a phone call back from Dr. Sitapara personally. That’s important to me, to hear from someone when you’re sick—especially somebody in my condition. I think that as we get older it’s just a natural course that you go through, but to have someone there that you can rely on to answer questions clearly and honestly, I think it’s really important. I’m a walking testimony of how wonderful the care is at Signature Medicine. Without him playing such a huge role in my care, I’m not sure that I’d be here.” -Louis S.

“My wife and I moved to the Newtown-Yardley area several years ago, and so we were casting about for a new doctor. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Sitapara and his team at Signature Medicine. We are both continually impressed with the care we receive. Dr. Sitapara’s conscientious approach to health care, his incredible working knowledge of current medical issues and trends, his very able assistant Allison, Angela, and the whole team have made us feel welcomed, cared for, and most of all in good health. Plus, appointments are filled on time! We are happy to highly recommend Dr. Ashish Sitapara and the team at Signature Medicine.” -Chris and Paula F.

“Professional and caring at every level..Very thankful that Dr. Sitapara has been able to communicate with my daughter when I am out of town. All staff focused on the patient ALWAYS! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!” -Mary Lou T.

“I have been very pleased with the practice. Dr. Sitapara is very thorough and patiently answers any questions and explains everything that pertains to your health. When you need to be seen an appointment is promptly made. It is important to have health care of this caliber. The office staff is very helpful as well and Signature Medicine has exceeded my expectations.” -Karen M.

“We’ve been a part of Signature Medicine for three years, and I must say it has taken enormous stress from my life— for that I’m deeply thankful.

We were living independently, and my husband had serious medical conditions. He’d undergone five bypasses and was in very fragile health. We had lots of specialists, and I found that nobody would really take full responsibility. We were continuously passed from one specialist to another. During this time I was responsible for trying to discover what was making my husband’s blood pressure either too high or too low, and I was deeply stressed. We were under constant pressure and we’d have to rush off to the hospital sometimes.

Dr. Sitapara had us come in and prior to our meeting he had actually gone all through my husband’s records and familiarized himself with his health history. He told relayed this information to us and it was amazing because of course his system is completely electronic, and he is attached to St. Mary’s. So he discovered what the problem was very quickly, and he resolved it. I can’t tell you the anxiety I had, and the stress before we met Dr. Sitapara. I was even on medication for it because it was so difficult. For both of us this was an enormous relief, he even comes into the hospital when we need him. My husband has had a few hospitalizations, but they’ve been so much easier since we’ve met Dr. Sitapara.

I can’t thank him and his practice enough for his contribution to our lives. What has been especially helpful to us is the 24 hour on call help that we get for emergencies. We have his cell phone number and we can call anytime—day or night. It is enormously reassuring to know that Dr. Sitapara is always there.” -Jennifer

“As new patients, Barry and I have been very satisfied with all services and responses from all at Signature Medicine.” -Linda G.

“Signature Medicine has helped me control my asthma and allergies and helped me pursue options for symptom relief and pain management regarding arthritis. The greatest benefit is having Dr. Sitapara as my doctor. He is smart, caring, diligent and accessible.” -Caryl Field

“Overall experience with Signature Medicine is very good. Dr. Sitapara is an excellent doctor that is very intelligent, thorough, gentle and kind. It was an easy pleasant transition for me to become a Signature Medicine patient.” -Judy G.

“Love that I found Dr. Sitapara and his concierge service. Aging is never easy but I am confident I will ease into it gracefully with the help of Dr. Sitapara.” -Pat T.

“I was newer to the area and searching for a doctor. I was very frustrated with the different practices I’d been to, where I really thought I never got to know anyone, and no one necessarily got to know me. I was a number on a chart, and they’d have to read everything and familiarize themselves. I saw a different doctor every time I went. It was frustrating that I had to explain everything, every single time. So I started searching out for what I thought was private, old school doctors, and through searching came up with this term, ‘concierge medicine.’

First and foremost is the level of personalization. I call here and say, ‘Hi Angela, how are you?’ They know who I am. I don’t have to explain it every time I call because it’s an intimate practice. Dr. Sitapara will contact me before I contact him in certain situations, like when prescriptions are due or need to be refilled. They genuinely care, and that has been amazing.

Dr. Sitapara quietly and patiently listens to me. I don’t feel rushed in and out; I don’t fall within three checked boxes on a pre-made form. He listens to everything I have to say and gives me a level of care that I didn’t think existed in medicine anymore. And that’s been the biggest advantage for me so far.

My husband and I lost someone close, and we both wondered, if the care would have been different, it might not have been able to save her, but perhaps it would have prolonged her life. And that was a huge factor for us. If we have to skip a vacation, or budget something differently, it’s important for us to get this kind of care. For each other and for our children, we need to take care of our health. We can’t put ourselves on the back burner. We have to do this now, become dedicated to it and make it work. So for us, it has to be a priority, and that’s what we’ve done.” -Joan L.

“I am no longer my own ‘general contractor.’ I like that I can get answers while I’m at another doctor who needs to consult with Dr. Sitapara.” -Nadine Simantov

“His approach is preventive. I had been a smoker 30 years ago, so he asked me to have a procedure that showed a small nodule on my lung. We had the same test done every six months 4 more times. Fortunately, the nodule never grew. The ability to text Dr. Sitapara over weekends has really made a difference. One time I had a really bad rash on my hand. I took a picture of the rash and texted it to him. He prescribed a steroid over the weekend and then saw me the next day.” – Mary Ann Edwards

“I knew that Dr. Sitapara was an excellent healthcare provider because he was my mother’s doctor for several years. I was interested in the concierge type medical practice so my decision was fairly easy to make. I have been very pleased with my experience with this practice. I have been able to consult with Dr. Sitapara about my overall health concerns including weight management. I have been pleased that I could discuss any recommended tests and follow up at length with Dr. Sitapara. For the first time in my life I have been able to stay up to date with all recommended tests for a person of my age.” Jeannie Alexander

“Dear Dr. Sitapara, Thank you for what you gave to us. You took a large burden of anxiety from my shoulders when you took full charge of Irv’s health. You gave us the comfort of a small friendly office where we were received by people who knew us. You gave us friendships, understanding and assurance that we were receiving the care that should be offered to everyone but is offered only by a very few doctors in primary practice. Many good wishes to you and your wife and three wonderful children. And thanks and good wishes to Angie, Allison and Jen.” -Irv and Jenny