Making Exercise Work

There are only 24 hours in a day. For most people, at least one-third of that time is spent sleeping, and another third (if not a bit more) is spent working. The remaining time is split between commuting to and from the office, eating, running errands and sneaking in as much time with the people we love as is humanly possible. For those who really work at managing their time the right way, exercise is incorporated into this 24 hour cycle, 30 minutes at a time. [Read more]

Workplace Weight Loss: Fitting in Exercise at the Office

This might not actually come as much of a surprise to many people, but Americans work more than anyone else around. For some reason in the United States, we put in more hours than our peers do throughout Europe, and there is even evidence now that in the US we work more than our counterparts in Japan—a culture who prides itself on work ethic and professionalism. [Read more]

Burn more calories with a pedometer

We all know that carrying extra weight on our bodies is less than healthy and can contribute to the development of metabolic disorders, and premature aging. To be successful in a journey to lose weight we must watch the food we take in and regularly increase our activity. [Read more]

Lose Weight and Build Brain Power with Exercise

You go to the gym to burn fat and build muscle, but what about your mental muscles? Your brain may not technically be a muscle, but it benefits from a workout every bit as much as your biceps or abdomen. As it turns out, pushing your body physically as you are losing weight will give your brain a bit of a boost, as well as the rest of your body. [Read more]

Target Heart Rate and Weight Loss?

If you are exercising-or thinking about starting-you may have heard the phrase “target heart rate” before. Many people use this number to monitor their exertion level when participating in an exercise program. The typical “formula” for determining this number begins with figuring your (approximate) maximum heart rate. [Read more]