Medical Risk Assessment Program

Proactive, preventative healthcare in Newtown, Pennsylvania

At Signature Medicine, our concierge medicine program is focused on risk prevention. We understand that optimal health and wellness is not defined by the absence of disease. We take a holistic approach to healthcare and combine this with traditional primary care strategies to provide you with ideal health outcomes.

The first step in our concierge medicine program is a comprehensive health evaluation in which we will review your medical history and current health risks and make any recommendations we think would benefit your health.

How We Do Risk Assessment

We start with a comprehensive wellness examination and health risk analysis. This is a thorough wellness examination that includes an extensive medical review and analysis. We will spend between one and two hours looking into your health to make sure we know everything that is going on. This wellness exam is repeated annually to ensure continued wellness.

Then, we look at our wellness programs. This complements our initial assessment by looking closely at your health goals and issues–always in a positive manner. This wellness program includes periodic checks with your doctor and a series of assessments and screenings to measure particular areas of your health.

This extensive risk factor assessment includes:

  • Review of family history, personal medical history and lifestyle analysis
  • Memory and mental health screening
  • Evaluation of sleeping, exercise and nutrition habits
  • Vision and hearing screening

Risk assessment is at the heart of our concierge medicine program. By employing prevention strategies and taking advantage of early detection tools, it is possible to minimize health risks and encourage an optimal state of well-being.

Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. In addition to this initial health review, we offer a large collection of risk prevention services, including:

  • Vaccination management, including flu shots, tetanus, Pneumovax and Zostor
  • Nutrition habit assessment
  • Depression evaluation and care coordination
  • Smoking cessation
  • Annual skin check for moles and pre-cancerous lesions
  • Physical and emotional counseling for disease and weight management
  • Heart disease risk assessment, including EKG and CAT scans
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Cancer screening

Our risk assessment program focuses on education and support. Every time you see a specialist, we’ll sit down with you to review and discuss the specialist’s recommendations and determine what would be the best course for treatment.

By being proactive about your health, you can prevent the onset of disease and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.