Eating Out After Losing Weight

Eating Out After Losing WeightReaching your weight loss goals or trying to maintain a careful diet plan so that you can lose weight does not mean that you must avoid restaurants. By following a few eating-out tips, it is possible to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with friends or family.

Make Substitutions

Nutrition experts recommend  asking for a few substitutions at a restaurant for healthier methods of cooking the food or healthier options. For example, if a restaurant provides fried potatoes with a sandwich, then ask for a side of raw carrots or apple slices instead.

Many restaurants will make substitutions for healthier alternatives; however, you will need to ask for the changes.

Opt for Light Meals

Light meals are often available as separate options on the menu at a restaurant. The menu may have a section that is labeled “low fat” or “healthy.” Pay attention to the calories that are listed by the foods. Keep in mind that some restaurants follow the guidelines of a specific diet plan, so it is important to read the details before finalizing a meal.

Split the Meal

Meals that are served in a restaurant are often larger than the recommended portion size. Instead of eating the entire meal, put half of the meal in a box before eating or split the meal with a friend or family member.

Eating half of the meal will help reduce the size of the portion and will ensure that the caloric intake is reasonable.

Eat a Side of Salad

By eating a side salad before the meal, you will not eat as many calories, and you will feel satisfied when you decide to stop eating.

Avoid high-fat salads or ask for the dressing on the side to ensure that the salad is not full of calories. Restaurants will usually put the dressing on the side and any other items on the side if it is requested.

Losing weight does not mean that you must sacrifice restaurants and meals with a loved one. The key is to focus on your selections and opt for meals that have fewer calories. You can also make small changes to the meals to ensure that the food is healthy and will not cause complications for your diet plan.

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