Plant Based Weight Loss

There are about 7 million people in the United States who classify themselves as vegetarian. That adds up to just over three percent of our overall US population. While that may not seem like a huge percentage, 7 million people is a fairly significant number. Most people are familiar with the idea of eating a vegetarian diet. This is a nutrition plan that eliminates animal-based foods. [Read more]

You CAN Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays–and Here’s How To Do It

They lurk like prowling cats at night, sneaking around corners everywhere you go between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, daring you to resist them by flaunting their sensual smells and tantalizing tastes, begging you to take just one bite… [Read more]

Low Calorie Diets That Work

Losing weight can result in dramatic improvements in your health and your quality of life, but the steps you need to take to lose weight don’t have to be dramatic at all. In fact, sometimes small, steady changes like lowering your calorie intake over time can yield substantial results and make it easier to adopt dietary changes that can help you keep your weight under control for the rest of your life. [Read more]

Eating Out After Losing Weight

Reaching your weight loss goals or trying to maintain a careful diet plan so that you can lose weight does not mean that you must avoid restaurants. By following a few eating-out tips, it is possible to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with friends or family. [Read more]