Three Simple Ways to Cut Calories From Your Diet

If you’re in the process of losing weight, you probably already know that the simple formula to shedding those extra pounds isn’t that difficult to understand: diet and exercise. However, the reality of living in a world packed with fatty foods and secret calories at every corner can make losing weight more difficult than it seems. Along with help from a concierge doctor, the best bet to lose weight is to make reasonable and simple calorie cuts that you can maintain for longer periods of time, as opposed to going all-out and switching straight to a herbivore diet with no fast food, pasta, or red meat. Here are three sneaky and simple ways to cut a few extra calories from your diet: 

● Skip the soda. Soda is a calorie bomb – there are about 140 calories in a single twelve ounce can, and unlike calories from food, that soft drink won’t leave you feeling full or satisfied afterward. Instead of drinking soda with your lunch, try giving flavored seltzer water a chance – it’s got all the flavor and fizz of your favorite soft drink with significantly fewer calories. 

● Get picky with your dressings. Salads are a great diet food, but not when you douse them in fatty dressings! Just two tablespoons of ranch dressing can add 140 empty calories to your salad, which can quickly negate the positive health effects of your lunch. Instead of fatty cream-based dressings like ranch, Russian, and thousand-island dressings, try opting for a vinaigrette- they’re packed with flavor and zip, but have far fewer calories. 

● Be a regular Joe. When it’s drunk, black coffee is not necessarily detrimental to your diet, containing only about five calories per cup. However, specialty cafe drinks can quickly rack up the calories – the venti Starbucks caramel Frappuccino carries a jaw-dropping 500 calories alone. Treat these specialty drinks like a dessert instead of your morning pick-me-up. instead, opt for plain old coffee with light cream and sugar. 

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