3 Tips to Help You Get Back on Track if You’ve Been Overindulging During the Holidays

It would probably take superhuman powers to ignore all of the tempting treats that appear as soon as the holiday season hits. If you’re like the tons of people who overindulge when the holidays come around, then you’re not alone. The good news is that there are some simple and effective ways to get back on track after overindulging during the holidays. You might even be able to drop a few pounds before the new year hits with these three tips from Signature Medicine. 

  1. Drink more water.

One of the best ways to battle weight gain is by drinking more water. At Signature Medical, we provide medical weight loss care for individuals who want to start the new year off right. We suggest increasing your water intake because water is a natural appetite suppressant. It’s also capable of flushing out excess sodium which can often cause bloating. Water also helps aid a sluggish digestive system and can prevent constipation, too.  Eight glasses a day is a reasonable goal.

  1. Get on a schedule.

By eating on schedule every day, you can help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. At Signature Medicine, we recommend eating breakfast within an hour of waking. This helps give your metabolism a jump-start. We also suggest eating again every three to five hours. Try to resist the urge to cut back in excess. Believe it or not, starving yourself is counterproductive because not eating enough causes your body to kick into what’s referred to as starvation mode, which results in burning fewer calories.

  1. Exercise as usual.

The urge to over-exercise is big after an indulgent holiday season. Yet, it’s important to stick with your normal exercise routine. In time, you’ll lose the few extra pounds that you put on over the holidays. If you decide that you want to explore our weight loss programs, give us a call. We can help you get started on a medical weight loss plan that is proven to be safe and effective. Our staff is always ready to assist people in reaching all of their weight loss goals.

To learn more about our medical weight loss program, contact us at 215-240-7374.

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