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3 Ways Sleeping Better Can Help You Lose Weight

As funny as it may sound, the amount of sleep you get each night can be just as vital in losing weight as proper diet and exercise. Interestingly, growing evidence is demonstrating that lack of adequate sleep may be a significant factor for those who are struggling to lose weight. Courtesy of Signature Medicine, check […]

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How to Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

The secret to making a big change is to start small. Rather than committing to a vague New Year’s resolution like “lose weight” or “be healthier,” try setting more specific goals. As 2019 progresses, try introducing these healthy habits into your daily life: Drink Eight Glasses of Water Every Day Our body needs water to […]

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4 Tips to Stick to Your Diet During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll probably be facing lots of temptation. Between office parties and family gatherings, you’ll need to have the willpower to resist all of the delicious seasonal food and sweets. Don’t let the celebrating this season undo all of the hard work you’ve put in throughout the year. We’ve put together […]

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Are You Sleeping Too Little…Or Too Much?

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping — ideally. When your eight-hours-a-night starts to drop below seven or climb above nine, you may notice that life gets tough. The team at Signature Medicine, the best primary care provider in Newtown, PA, can help you determine if you’re getting the right amount of shut-eye. You Feel […]

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Are You Eating Enough? The Important Question You May Not Be Asking While Losing Weight.

Does this story sound familiar? You start a new diet, limit calories with religious dedication, stay strong against cravings and hunger pangs…and then, the inevitable crash occurs. Your diet fails spectacularly, leading to a period of overeating. Sometimes, the root of this issue is that you’re eating too little while dieting. Constant hunger is one […]

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