Why Medical Weight Loss is Better than DIY

Most people give up on their weight loss journeys when going solo. 

Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to break down some of the reasons why medical weight loss might be the best solution if you’re struggling to take the journey on your own!

Your Health

When tackling weight loss on your own, it is hard to take care of your individual health problems surrounding it. Most DIY plans do not take into consideration any personal pre-existing conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes. Many conditions can lead to weight gain, and not monitoring these conditions properly when attempting to lose weight can cause a downward spiral in progress. Luckily, the weight loss programs at our practice near Yardley, PA, take all of your health issues and concerns into account when setting up your program.

Your Diet

Most people don’t know how to manage a diet properly. Sure, there are many diets that might give some relief for weight issues, but none of them are tailored directly to your nutritional needs. With medical weight loss, our professionals will offer their nutritional advice and craft a diet specific for your own goals.

Your Activity

For many people trying to lose weight, exercise isn’t enough. The common thoughts are that a “healthy” diet and plenty of exercise can make anyone break out of obesity, but that is not always the case. Creating a perfect balance of food to keep you energized, exercises to keep you moving, and medications to assist in the process as you adjust are essential for those who have tried and failed the common DIY processes. Being active is a lifestyle, and it isn’t one you can just flip on without all of the extra work put into it.

Your Individuality

Everything about the medical weight loss plans at our practice near Langhorne, PA, focuses on you as an individual. The specifics of your diet, your health concerns, and your level of activity all come into play very specifically throughout your weight loss journey. However, one thing we haven’t addressed much is the person behind all of these pieces of the puzzle: you as an individual. We at Signature Medicine care about you and strive to help you achieve your end goal.

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