How to Stop Eating Junk Food

As unhealthy as it is, something always draws you to your favorite junk food items when you’re on the road and craving a nice meal. Eating healthy foods is great in theory, but many of us struggle to shake that desire for a nice greasy burger. 

As tempting as it may be, junk food comes with all sorts of added ingredients that might make you feel good initially but cause weight gain and create long-term problems with our hearts and hips. If switching to healthy eating is on your list, here’s how you can stop eating junk food and keep your body in tip-top shape. 

Where Do I Start?

The toughest part of any goal is starting, and whether you’re hitting the gym for the first time or re-doing your brain’s desire for unhealthy snacks, it can be difficult to begin the process. It’s much easier than you think to rewire your brain, and six weeks of healthy eating habits are probably enough to stop your cravings for junk food. Getting through those six weeks will be easier than you think, and following some of these tips will ensure you make it without too many hiccups.

Try a Diet

Dieting is one of the best ways to change food habits. They force you to stick to a routine and are fun and engaging ways to eat new foods. While on a diet, you can plan your meals, keeping you on track and helping you avoid the temptation to eat fast foods. Try diets like the Paleo diet, which focuses on foods eaten during the Paleolithic era that provide the nutrients we need that you can’t get in processed foods.

Make Recipes From Scratch

Studies show that you’re much more likely to have healthier eating habits if you cook your own food. A little research can go a long way, as many of the most nutritious meals take a short time to make. Making recipes from scratch is the best way to keep your food healthy and to know what’s in it, and you won’t waste much more time than you would driving to your local fast food joint. 

Don’t Rush the Process

Focus on building good habits and decreasing your junk food consumption. The best processes are done in moderation, and you don’t have to feel forced to completely toss away the junk foods you typically eat. Just like you wouldn’t grab the heaviest weights on the first day at the gym, you don’t have to watch the food you eat like a hawk. Slowly phase it out until you’re at a level where you feel comfortable.

Eat Healthy Fats and Protein

Focus on eating healthy fats and consuming large amounts of protein. Not all fats are bad for you, and healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, and even hard-boiled eggs are extremely good for your body. Protein helps you feel full and feeds your muscle growth after a long day at the gym. Eating large amounts can keep you from craving too many sweets and junk foods.

Journal Your Food

Many people don’t think they eat a lot until they journal a day of their food intake and see the real statistics. Calories add up quickly, and a few snacks here and there, combined with our propensity to underestimate, might lead to a much higher calorie intake than you initially thought. Journaling your food is a great way to reduce how much junk you eat while tracking the benefits of the healthy foods you intake.

Take a Walk

Are you craving a frozen milkshake or a slice of chocolate cake? Go for a walk instead! Studies show that walking can help fight your cravings for snacks with added sugars and high calories. A 15-minute walk can also help combat sleep deprivation, lift your mood and even help burn fat that benefits your weight loss journey. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Keeping that ice cream on the shelves of grocery stores and out of sight can ensure that you keep to your healthy ways. You’re more likely to eat unhealthy foods if they’re right at arm’s length, as opposed to being a couple of feet away. Keep unhealthy foods out of your home and away from your eyes, and you won’t even think about snacking on them.

In Sight, in Mind!

Conversely, keeping healthy foods in sight will make you more likely to grab a quick bite. Looking to ditch your habit of snacking on a chocolate bar before work? Leave a bowl of apples by your door and start grabbing one on your way out the door. Take a bag of peppers and hummus to work every day, or package other healthy snacks to rewrite your cravings. 

Don’t Think About Junk Food as a Necessity

You can’t ditch your cravings because junk food is pleasing to your mind. Sometimes all it takes is some good old-fashioned mind games, so you might need to start viewing junk food in a more negative light. Start thinking about junk food as if someone just found it off the ground, or think about the negative effects like weight gain and increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes or high blood sugar. 

Ditching Junk Food Is Just One of the Many Ways You Can Stay Healthy

The journey to a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just start with removing junk food. There are plenty of ways to keep track of your health status, set goals for the future, and build healthier habits and desires. With Signature Medicine Center for Wellness and Healthy Living, you’re given plenty of resources and access to top-tier physicians in Newtown, PA. Reach out to us today for more information on how Dr. Sitapara and the team can help cultivate your path to healthy living.

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