Proven Weight Loss Program for Seniors and Older Adults

When it comes to feeling good within your own skin, it commonly correlates with your weight and your overall health. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of diabetes, for instance, you may not be as comfortable as you could be if you were in better health. Certainly nowadays, there are many programs and pills on the market, but without the right approach, it may not be maintainable or even the right fit for your needs. With that being said, having support from a medical professional who understands your health history and goals has been proven more effective. After all, they have the training to know what is best for you based on your medical history.

What is Medical Weight Loss? 

Medical weight loss is supervised by a medical professional and backed by science-supported solutions. These weight loss programs can incorporate various treatment options ranging from a dietary plan to increasing your activity level. Along the way, it trains you to think of your health differently. With this said, it inclusively tackles all relevant parts to weight loss: what you eat, how active you are, and how you prioritize your health.

What Makes This Different From Any Other Program? 

Medical weight loss programs are more sustainable and proven to work because of the expertise the medical professional has to offer. With Signature Medicine, the goal is to provide a solution that presents the best results for the patient and makes it sustainable. Essentially, if the changes are not maintainable, it can be just as easy to gain the weight back.

With our unique and holistic approach, we help you make lifestyle changes that are impactful and long-lasting. This is done through low-calorie diets that include Optifast meal replacement products, weight loss medications, and activity recommendations. Each program is specific to your goals and needs, so it may look a little different from person-to-person.

Why Signature Medicine? 

No matter what the treatment plan looks like, there are several elements that are always the same. This includes trusted guidance from a readily available concierge doctor. With concierge medicine, you can receive care with more flexible scheduling and longer appointments. As a result, that adds convenience to this option.

Another great feature is the ongoing support. Because concierge medicine is set-up differently than that of a primary care physician, Dr. Sitapara is readily available to you for help along the way. Ultimately, without that help, it can be challenging to take on such life changes, but our team works with you to make it attainable.

Finally, the solutions recommended by the doctor are scientifically proven. We want to see you reach your goals, so setting you up for success is the best way to do that. Through all of these elements combined, we have seen what is possible and believe we can help. For those in Langhorne, PA, and Yardley, PA, know that we are available to help get you on the right track. Give us a call today!

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