Tips to Help Curb Nighttime Cravings

Weight loss can be difficult, and intense nighttime cravings after a day of healthy eating can make it even harder. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can try to curb your cravings and avoid eating calorie-dense, unhealthy goods at night.

Eat a Satisfying Dinner

Make sure that your dinner is satisfying, containing a range of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Fiber is especially important, as it stabilizes your blood sugar and fills your stomach. If you struggle with evening hunger, consider eating dinner one or two hours later than usual, and see if it changes things.

Your meals should be satisfying and filling, and you shouldn’t skip meals, as this leads to cravings later. If you’re interested in losing weight in a safe, medical manner, ask us about our weight loss programs in Yardley, PA.

Keep Yourself Busy

Many people find that they eat at night out of boredom rather than genuine hunger. To combat late-night cravings and snacking, keep yourself busy. Taking up a hobby that keeps your hands busy, such as knitting, drawing, or doing puzzles, might help. If watching TV seems to lead to snacking, try doing something different and see what happens. It might be the case that your TV show isn’t really engrossing to you, and you’re eating for something to do.

You could also try journaling your feelings to work out your thoughts around food. If you eat a lot out of boredom or as a reward for a difficult day, that’s an important pattern to identify.

Plan Healthy Snacks

Snacking isn’t always bad, especially if you plan a healthy snack in advance. If you usually crave candy, fruit or yogurt might satisfy your sweet tooth. If you enjoy savory snacks, try nuts, popcorn, or carrot sticks. Try to eat them slowly and stop when you’re full. If you don’t want a snack, try a mug of herbal tea to fill you up and curb cravings.

If unhealthy snacks and cravings are an issue, you should try not buying them at all, thereby removing temptation. Another helpful trick is to brush your teeth after dinner, signaling to yourself that you’re done eating for the night.

Eating satisfying meals, planning healthy snacks, and keeping yourself busy are all great ways to combat nighttime cravings and snacking. If you want to find out more about weight loss programs in Newtown, PA, contact Signature Medicine today.

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