5 Tips to Avoid Weight Cycling in the New Year

Weight cycling or “yo-yo dieting” is a cycle that results in adding and losing a certain amount of weight repeatedly. Researchers define it as the regain and loss of about 20 pounds three or more times. Weight cycling can have lasting effects on your body’s metabolism and increases the risk of heart disease.

Below are some useful tips to avoid weight cycling this year.

Avoid Processed Foods and Refined Carbohydrates

Processed foods contain lots of sodium, which is heavily linked to a higher BMI and weight gain. Additionally, all the refined carbohydrates you consume break down into your body to produce sugars.

Set Health Goals Without Focusing on the Scale

Note that your genetics primarily dictates your natural weight. Therefore, avoid too much dieting to change your body size and shape permanently. It would be best to set self-care goals since you will feel worthy after attaining the desired results. You can implement proven weight loss programs in Yardley, PA, or develop new exercise routines that don’t solely focus on reducing calories.

Approach Foods With Neutrality

Since you have dieted for a considerable time, you can quickly identify healthy and unhealthy foods. You, therefore, need to concentrate on the right meals and focus on neutrality as you approach different foods instead of labels. Note that all foods can fit in your diet, and you need to permit yourself to consume them. This way, you will start to regain the power to resist cravings and feel peace with all the foods.

Prepare Your Food

Cooking food at home instead of opting for fast foods or eating out is vital to avoiding weight cycling. Over time, you will realize that it’s easy to maintain a healthy diet. Research has also shown that this helps you follow a nutritionist-backed Mediterranean eating plan.

Develop a Weight Loss Plan

Come up with a suitable weight loss plan that integrates mindful eating with exercises. After attaining your goal, ensure that you continually exercise while being cautious with what you eat.

Talk to the Experts About Medical Weight Loss Programs

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