What Can You Expect With Concierge Medicine?

Since March of 2020, when the pandemic officially started, scheduling medical appointments had become a challenge for many, especially when everything was shut down. Many people could not see their normal primary care physicians in-office unless it was urgent. Based on that, some people were stuck waiting until everything was open again in order to schedule an appointment, but by then, there was a longer wait than normal to get into the schedule. Luckily, concierge medicine can provide better service during times like these and address any concerns promptly.

What Is Concierge Medicine, and What Can It Do For Me? 

Concierge doctors are personal physicians that can attend to any general medical concerns you may have. This includes examinations for cold-like symptoms, ordering lab tests, and conducting annual physical exams. Concierge doctors are comparable to your primary care physician (PCP) because the same schooling and training is required. However, the difference between each mainly lies in the service level.


With that in mind, this level of medicine can address general concerns, but anything more specialized may require a specialist. Even so, concierge doctors can do an initial exam in most cases and make general recommendations. Should a specialist be required, suggestions may be available on who to see, if needed.

The Benefits

Having a more personalized, one-on-one approach to medicine offers numerous benefits for both the doctor and, more importantly, the patient. This type of medical practice allows for a better understanding between the doctor and patient including: what may be going on with the patient and what steps the patient can take on their own, for example.

Flexible Scheduling

With Signature Medicine, your very own concierge medicine practice available to Newtown, PA, residents, scheduling an appointment is easier than ever. As needed, patients can schedule same-day and next-day appointments at a convenient time. For those who lead a busy lifestyle, our team understands the importance of having that flexibility available. After all, having easy accessibility when it comes to your own medical treatment is critical.

Longer Appointments

Because concierge medicine offers a more personalized approach, the appointments are never rushed. Rather, they are tailored to your needs and any inquiries you may have.

With all that in mind, there is a lot that our team at Signature Medicine has to offer. Contact us today to get started!

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