Concierge vs. Family Medicine

Concierge vs. Family MedicineConcierge medicine has been rising in popularity in recent years after decades of medical care provided almost exclusively through the family model practice. Concierge medicine offers the same medical benefits and treatment options of a traditional family practice, but with additional benefits that can only be obtained through working closely with another individual over the span of years.

Put simply, concierge medicine is medical practice made personal. Under a concierge practice, you have the ability to work with a doctor who gets to know you personally. For too many people, meeting with your doctor means calling the doctor to set up an appointment weeks away, only to be left in a waiting room for hours before meeting with your physician for under 10 minutes. Concierge medicine takes a different approach, one that is guided by a level of personal understanding and a patient-centered philosophy.

Understanding Concierge Medicine

The concierge medicine practice takes a more holistic model to health and wellness. Rather than being a last approach to fixing illness, health care becomes a central part of being alive—with emphasis on preventative healthcare. The thing that makes this possible is the connection between the doctor and the patient. Unlike family medicine doctors who will see hundreds of patients, often dozens of patients in a single day, the concierge medicine doctor has a much more constricted caseload. They focus instead on a small number of people, whose health they can track effectively. This means that when you visit a concierge doctor, you are not just a number on a page—you are an individual who is filled with complex preferences and a detailed health history.

Here is a quick breakdown of the biggest differences between concierge and family medicine:

  • Concierge doctors see only a restricted number of patients, which means they can dedicate attention and more focus to each client, rather than only having time for a quick file review before an appointment.
  • Concierge doctors work more easily to your schedule. As part of the concierge program, you have easier access to appointments. Many people who participate in concierge programs also find it easier to gain access to their doctor via telephone for small emergencies.
  • Concierge doctors offer treatment for the whole family, working together with specialists as needed to provide every individual with the best medical treatment possible.

Many concierge doctors accept medical insurance and flex account spending plans, in the same way that family medicine doctors do. This means that in many cases, concierge medicine is no more expensive than your standard medical treatment options.

In too many cases, people rule out concierge medicine as an option simply because they are unaware of what these medical programs offer. If you are looking for more out of your medical experience, you may want to consider concierge option for your personal healthcare needs.

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