Weight Loss Tips for the Winter Months

Weight Loss Tips for the Winter MonthsFor whatever the reason, weight loss seems to be more difficult to manage in the winter. This is a long held truth, learned from experience from people who have tried managing their weight in the past. For many, the trouble comes down to the influx of holiday party invites, special cookies, and late night cocktails. For others, the cold weather inspires the taste buds and long winter nights quickly become a haven for creamy soups, fatty stews, and cheesy casseroles.

Aside from the dietary troubles that the winter brings, work out motivation often takes a spill this time of year as it becomes more difficult to pull yourself out of bed in the morning when the temperature feels freezing and the bed is nice and warm.  On top of all of these barriers is the convenient truth that winter is a great time to wear oversized sweaters and sweat pants that help mask any discomfort from a little bit of weight gain.

Winter Weight Loss Success

Altogether, the winter can be a recipe for major disaster when you are trying to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be this way. By working with your medical weight loss doctor through the long winter season, you can find ways to stay in shape and even lose weight before spring comes around.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your weight through the winter:

  • When it comes down to it, focus on weight maintenance. This is especially helpful during the holiday weeks when family obligations make it difficult to stay on top of your weight loss routine. If you can’t keep up with your medical weight loss plan for a few days of vacation, focus on keeping off what you’ve already lost so you can pick back up where you left off as soon as you are back home.
  • Get your family involved. Try being open with your loved ones about your weight loss goals, and even consider making your holiday wish-list all about your weight loss efforts. This way, when you get together with family and friends you can all work together and focus on staying healthy.
  • Accept slip-ups and leave them in the past. The longer you hold onto a slip-up, or consider your weight loss plan over because of a few days of unhealthy behavior, the more damage you are doing to your body and your weight loss goals. No-one is perfect. If you mess up, accept it, forgive yourself, and move on.
  • Get your motivation up with the right tools. If you realize you aren’t making it out of bed for your workout, treat yourself to a new workout jacket. A hat and a pair of fitness gloves can make a huge difference in your comfort level, and can motivate you to keep up with your fitness routine.

Winter is not the time of year to put your weight loss goals aside. A healthy winter can mean a positive spring, as you can continue working towards your weight loss goals through the cold months. For help keeping your motivation up this time of year, contact your weight loss doctor.

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