Weight Loss Journaling Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss Journaling Apps That Help You Lose WeightWhen you are serious about losing weight, having the help of a medical weight loss program is an excellent start. But did you know that you can get some extra weight loss support from your smartphone? There is no doubt that today’s smartphones are truly intelligent, and fortunately for weight loss patients, they can now work as weight loss journaling tools. Keep reading to learn three of the most helpful and popular weight loss journaling apps today.

My Fitness Pal

The My Fitness Pal app is designed to help you keep close track of both your food intake and your exercise. You just need to enter your starting weight, your goal weight, your height, your age, your usual activity level, and your target amount of weight loss each week. The app will tell you how many calories you need to eat per day to achieve that weight. Simply add food as you eat it (either manually enter calories or use the simple food selection tool) and then enter exercise sessions as they happen. The app will subtract your exercise calories burned from your calories eaten to get your net intake for the day. You can monitor your progress throughout the day, and at the end of the day, you can check out the final report of how you did. The app is free for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and computer users.

Lose It!

The Lose It! app is designed to help you meet the specific weight loss goal you enter into the app. The simple tracking tool keeps up with your food intake and physical activity. You can scan food barcodes or enter food info into the system manually to allow the program to track your eating. You can also link your Lose It! account with devices like pedometers or other exercise machines to help track how many calories you’re burning off. This free app is available on iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle, and it can also be found on the Web for computer users.


Calorific is perfect for anyone who wants a super easy way to track their food intake. No need to jot it down on paper and then research the calories in a book: Calorific does all the analysis for you! There are three categories of food in this app: Red, yellow, and green. All you have to do is select the correct category, and then select one of the four portion sizes (tiny, small, medium, or large.) At the end of the day, Calorific will show you a pie chart that illustrates your healthy and unhealthy food choices and tells you which times you made the smartest choices. This allows you to recognize where you’re going wrong, and what you’re doing right. That way, you can alter your diet for faster and more effective weight loss. This app is free for iPhone and Android users.

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