Walking for Long-Term Health Benefits: See the Stats

“My knees hurt when I run.” “I get shin splints.” “I’m not a runner”. These are common reasons patients tell me when we talk about exercise. Well there’s very good news. Researchers studied 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers and we now have the results:

Running reduced the risk for hypertension 4.2%
Walking reduced it 7.2%

Running reduced risk of developing high cholesterol 4.3%
Walking reduced it 7.2%

Running reduced risk by Diabetes 12%
Walking reduced it 12%

Running red use risk of heart disease 4.5%
Walking reduced it 9%

So while the rabbit may run faster, the slow and steady tortoise wins the race! My prescription is to Walk 2 miles a day. You’ll feel better, take less medicine, and stay out of the hospital.

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