Why Try Medical Weight Loss

Four Benefits and Advantages of Medical Weight Loss Treatment:

What do Medical Weight Loss Treatments Include?

Here at Signature Medicine, we offer medical weight loss programs out of our Newtown, PA office. Our medical weight loss programs include specialist medications and low-calorie diet guidance. We also supply meal replacement products that help to manage hunger and assist with your overall weight loss plan.

Why do People Choose Medical Weight Loss Treatment?

Millions of people every year try to lose weight through various regimes that combine diet and exercise. For some people, their metabolism and other genetic factors make it easy to shed pounds. For others, nothing seems to help them shift awkward body fat and achieve their weight loss goals. Medical weight loss programs are tailored to the individual, they use science along with several effective treatments to help individuals reach their goals. Here’s why you should consider a medical weight loss treatment.

Your Weight Loss Will be Monitored by Professionals:

There will be a registered nurse that will monitor your medical conditions alongside a specialist doctor. Together they will look back at your medical history, along with any medications that you are taking in order to establish the best course of weight loss treatment moving forward.

You’ll be Motivated via Accountability:

You will be encouraged to follow up with our weight loss professionals periodically in order to monitor your progress and assess your weight loss journey. Attending follow-up visits is a fantastic way of staying accountable whilst achieving ongoing support as you head towards achieving your weight loss goal.

You’ll Have Access to the Latest Weight Loss Technology:

Our team will undertake a detailed assessment of your overall body composition using the SECA scale. We will also undertake a metabolic test, which will determine exactly how many calories you need to consume based on how many calories you burn each day. This is one of the many factors that make our weight loss program bespoke and finely tuned to each and every individual. By tailoring all our solutions to you as an individual, we guarantee weight loss success.

Our Guarantee to You:

Here at Signature Medicine, we ensure that all patients are 100% satisfied with their weight loss programs. To do this, we back up our medical weight loss program with a guaranteed extension at no extra cost to our patients.

Contact us here today to request a free consultation and make the first positive step in your journey towards weight management and freedom.

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