Three Reasons to Kick Your Soda Habit Today

It’s an American classic that everyone loves – an ice cold glass of soda can be found everywhere from billboards to movies, and is practically ubiquitous on every menu across the country. Most people know that soda isn’t exactly healthy for them, but few understand the long-term impacts that soda can have on their health, appearance, and sense of wellbeing. So, ready to ditch this bubbly soft drink? Here are three reasons why you’ll be better off without it:

  • Soda contributes to weight gain. For residents looking to lose weight, one of the first things doctors recommend is cutting out soda – and for good reason. On the exterior, soda doesn’t seem to be a calorie bomb – after all, a standard 12 oz. can only has about 120 calories, right? The difference is that liquid calories don’t fill us up like food does, meaning that drinking your calories adds empty filling to your stomach that you don’t need.
  • Soda stains your teeth. Most dark sodas use caramel coloring to add flavoring and color, which can stain your teeth. Between the acidity (which can degrade the enamel of your teeth) and the sugar (which is the favorite food of bacteria that causes gum disease), soda is basically one of your teeth’s worst enemies.
  • Giving up soda doesn’t mean losing out on flavor. Some people continue to drink soda even though they know it’s bad for them because they simply don’t enjoy the lack of flavoring that comes along with plain tap water. However, there are a number of alternative options that provide all the taste of soda without the calories and coloring of soda. If you like the fizz of carbonated beverages, consider seltzer water. If it’s the flavor that you love, slicing up fruit into ice water is a great and refreshing way to get a little healthier.

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