The Benefits of Concierge Medicine in the Age of COVID

The pandemic has changed the landscape of patient care in ways that are difficult for traditional hospitals and healthcare practices to adapt to. Many health systems depend on maximizing the number of patients they’re able to see, but this can leave doctors feeling rushed and patients feeling ignored when they raise concerns about the cost of services like telemedicine, COVID tests, and even management of existing conditions.

An alternative to traditional medical care channels does exist, though, in the form of concierge medicine. A concierge doctor can provide care that often surpasses the care that a conventional doctor can provide. Here are a few of the benefits that come with investing in a concierge medical practice in the age of COVID-19:

You’ll Have Stable Access to Care

CDC guidelines designed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus can easily lead to longer wait times for appointments and tests. Instead of being able to schedule patients back to back, hospitals and other healthcare services have to space out patient arrivals in a way that prevents waiting rooms from becoming crowded and increases the risk of COVID exposure.

With a concierge doctor, you don’t have to come to an office to get treated. Most concierge medical practices allow you to use telemedicine or call your doctor to get a medical question answered quickly, safely, and without having to worry about when your next appointment might be.

Your Physician Can Better Monitor Symptoms

One of the most significant upsides to using a concierge medical service – during the pandemic and after it – is that you have a physician at your disposal who isn’t stressed out and trying to cram as many patients into their day as possible.

When a physician is focused on patient quantity, they aren’t providing adequate quality to each of their patients. Instead of holding in-depth conversations about symptoms, or checking in on issues that might seem innocuous now, but can quickly become major issues, a traditional doctor is likely to treat you for your current issues, rather than prevent problems from arising in the first place.

With concierge medicine, your doctor will have the time to pay quality attention to you in every appointment and make sure they understand what you’re experiencing to come up with a proper treatment plan. This is especially important in the time of COVID-19 when symptoms can change quickly and require agile responses.

You’ll Have 24/7 Access to Your Physician

Due to the way concierge medical practices are set up, it’s far easier for your physician to make themselves available to you around the clock. Depending on which medical practice you enroll with, you can contact your doctor by text, calls, and teleconferencing outside of traditional business hours, which can give greater peace of mind during the pandemic. If you start developing symptoms of COVID-19, getting answers from your doctor on demand will mean you can get the treatment you need to have the best outcome possible.

To discover more about the unique benefits of concierge medicine provided by the Signature Medicine team during the pandemic, just call today!

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