Weight Loss Tips for the Winter Months

For whatever the reason, weight loss seems to be more difficult to manage in the winter. This is a long held truth, learned from experience from people who have tried managing their weight in the past. For many, the trouble comes down to the influx of holiday party invites, special cookies, and late night cocktails. For others, the cold weather inspires the taste buds and long winter nights quickly become a haven for creamy soups, fatty stews, and cheesy casseroles. [Read more]

The Sunny Side of Weight Loss

It’s hard to stay positive all the time. Even if your day starts out great, you’ll likely encounter some sort of obstacle or frustration by the time you are ready for bed. If you let it, life can be one big hurdle to jump as you try to lose weight. [Read more]

Understanding Depression: How obesity influences mental health

Depression is a mood disorder, a form of mental health disease that can strike anyone, male or female, at any age or any stage of life. There is no one demographic of people in Newtown who are more likely to struggle with depression than others. Depression affects the rich and the poor. It affects teenagers, and it affects people who are well into their retirement years. There is no one true cause of depression. It will develop often as a result of a compilation of factors, and the intensity and length of time that depression does happen will also depend on many of these factors. [Read more]

Obtaining a Healthy Weight With Realistic Goals

When you are trying to lose weight or improve your physical health, it is important to set goals that are realistic. Setting goals that are unrealistic can mean that you will set yourself up to fail and it can reduce your motivation to keep striving for your goals. Instead, set goals and make plans that are possible based on your current situation. [Read more]

Concierge Medicine Helps for Depression

For patients suffering from depression, concierge care provides patient-focused care based on individual needs for optimum results. [Read more]

Your Weight May Affect Your Career

Obese individuals often underestimate the effect of weight on their careers. Entering a medical weight loss program may result in improved job performance, better promotion opportunities, and higher quality of life. [Read more]

Personal Accountability for Weight Loss

Do you tend to put things off or shift blame when something goes wrong? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Many of us have participated in this type of behavior from time-to-time, but it doesn’t mean that the attitude can’t be changed. Shifting your thought patterns from others to yourself can really make a big difference in your life. When it comes to taking control of your diet, exercise and weight loss program, accepting personal accountability has been shown as the best approach to take. After all, the decisions you make really are in your hands. [Read more]