Stay Connected: Social Media for Your Weight Loss Program

Whether through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn, our modern lives seem to increasingly play out in public. Many 21st century Americans seem to have the urge to share just about every event that transpires in their lives, from the unforgivably mundane (the turkey sandwich you ate for lunch or the TV show you’re watching) to high-impact life events (the photos from your wedding or the birth of your child). [Read more]

Learning to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a challenge for many people. While most of us are aware of the benefits of weight loss and yearn for better physical and mental health, our efforts at weight loss are often temporary and difficult to maintain. With the support of a weight loss program you can work on behaviors that will increase your likelihood of achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining weight loss long term. [Read more]

How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals?

Are you being realistic? That is a question you need to ask yourself when developing a weight loss strategy. Staying realistic keeps you focused. Being overly aggressive, however, will undermine your effort. The SMART approach to weight loss is to develop short-term objectives that are part of a long-term solution. [Read more]