Drink More Water for Weight Loss

Engaging in healthy behaviors is the key to successful weight loss. Sometimes, small healthy habits can make a huge difference in your ability to reach your weight loss goals. One of these healthy habits that you’ll want to focus on as you embark on your medical weight loss program is drinking plenty of water. While water has always been recognized as an essential ingredient to our survival, researchers have recently found that being extra careful with your water intake during your weight loss program can help suppress your appetite and boost weight loss results. [Read more]

Weight Loss Journaling Apps That Help You Lose Weight

When you are serious about losing weight, having the help of a medical weight loss program is an excellent start. But did you know that you can get some extra weight loss support from your smartphone? There is no doubt that today’s smartphones are truly intelligent, and fortunately for weight loss patients, they can now work as weight loss journaling tools. Keep reading to learn three of the most helpful and popular weight loss journaling apps today. [Read more]