Dr. Ashish Sitapara has been selected as one of Pennsylvania's favorite physicians since 2010.

Patient Results

MaryAnn Edwards: Concierge Medicine*

A dear friend of mine, introduced me to Ashish and Parula at a Chandler Hall function. I then met with Ashish and found him knowledgeable and warm, with an impressive resume. His approach is preventive. I had been a smoker 30 years ago, so he asked me to have a procedure that showed a small nodule on my lung. [Read more]

Jeannie Alexander: Concierge Medicine*

I knew that Dr. Sitapara was an excellent Healthcare provider because he was my mother’s doctor for several years. I was interested in the concierge type medical practice so my decision was fairly easy to make. I have been very pleased with my experience with this practice. [Read more]

Patricia Ann Watkins: Concierge Medicine*

I went to a dermatologist for spots that were all over my body. Without diagnosing, they simply prescribed a topical solution. I came to Dr. Sitapara, on my first appointment, he sat by my side and listened. My appointment was Friday. By Monday, I was already seeing my specialist to get the care I needed referred by Dr. Sitapara. [Read more]

Irv and Jenny: Concierge Medicine*

Thank you for what you gave to us. You took a large burden of anxiety from my shoulders when you took full charge of Irv’s health. You gave us the comfort of a small friendly office where we were received by people who knew us. You gave us friendships, understanding and assurance that we were receiving the care that should be offered to everyone but is offered only by a very few doctors in primary practice. [Read more]

Chris and Paula: Concierge Medicine*

My wife and I moved to Newtown/Yardley area several years ago, and so were casting about for a new doctor. We were very fortunate to find Dr. Sitapara and his team at Signature Medicine. We are both continually impressed with the care we receive. [Read more]

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