Lynn & Ed Breen : Concierge Medicine

lance a weight loss success

A friend first referred Ed and me to Signature Medicine and Dr. Sitapara. We found him to be thorough, knowledgeable and he allowed ample time to spend with you at your appointments.

I was a little leery of the concierge concept in the beginning, thinking we don’t really to go to the doctor that often, but boy was I wrong. Having your doctors cell number that you can call or text him at any time, is an invaluable option. We travel a fair amount, and we have contacted him several times, regarding prescription refills from afar, diagnoses of simple issues over the phone, so that you don’t have to spend hours sitting in an urgent care place, while on vacation.

His studied manner with the care of your entire medical situation is important as we age, so that you are not hearing different things from different specialty doctors. He speaks directly to your other doctors, and discusses you as a person, to coordinate keeping us in the best physical shape and healthy as we get older.

Their office is one stop shopping for your needs, including getting your blood drawn, flu shots etc. The staff is friendly and helpful. Ed and I are very satisfied with our concierge experience at Signature Medicine with Dr. Sitapara. We would highly recommend him to anyone who wants the most personalized medical care in the area.

The results of medical weight loss programs shown on this website are those of real patients. However, individual results may vary. During your consultation with Dr. Sitapara, the results you can expect based on your current weight and medical conditions will be discussed.