Louis: Concierge Medicine

I had a primary physician for probably about 30 years prior to coming to Signature Medicine. He got older and I was unhappy with the care. The office itself was a bit disruptive, it wasn’t a friendly environment and started to lose that personal feel—then I got sick. I got increasingly sick, and I needed a doctor who provided full service. For me, it was important to have somebody that communicated with all my other doctors as an intervention for my illness.

I asked my internist for a referral and he referred me to Dr. Sitapara, stating that if he was in need of a doctor himself that is the gentleman he would see. So I came to Signature Medicine.

Dr. Sitapara is a great communicator, he’s very effective. I felt very comfortable and the staff was friendly as well. As time went on, it became more important to me—because of my illness— that I had someone that was communicating with all of my doctors.
I’m not confused anymore by different doctors telling me different things. Dr. Sitapara communicates with all my doctors so that I don’t have to. Since I started with his care, I had a transplant so he even communicates with the transplant clinic as well. But I only have to deal with one person, so therefore the line of communication is very clear. He knows all of my other problems and medical issues and deals with them all at one time.

If I call (which I rarely do) I get a phone call back, and it’s not like I’ll get a phone call back from somebody else, I get a phone call back from Dr. Sitapara personally. That’s important to me, to hear from someone when you’re sick—especially somebody in my condition. I think that as we get older it’s just a natural course that you go through, but to have someone there that you can rely on to answer questions clearly and honestly, I think it’s really important.

I’m a walking testimony of how wonderful the care is at Signature Medicine. Without him playing such a huge role in my care, I’m not sure that I’d be here.

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