Jennifer: Concierge Medicine

We’ve been a part of Signature Medicine for three years, and I must say it has taken enormous stress from my life— for that I’m deeply thankful.

We were living independently, and my husband had serious medical conditions. He’d undergone five bypasses and was in very fragile health. We had lots of specialists, and I found that nobody would really take full responsibility. We were continuously passed from one specialist to another. During this time I was responsible for trying to discover what was making my husband’s blood pressure either too high or too low, and I was deeply stressed. We were under constant pressure and we’d have to rush off to the hospital sometimes.

Dr. Sitapara had us come in and prior to our meeting he had actually gone all through my husband’s records and familiarized himself with his health history. He told relayed this information to us and it was amazing because of course his system is completely electronic, and he is attached to St. Mary’s. So he discovered what the problem was very quickly, and he resolved it. I can’t tell you the anxiety I had, and the stress before we met Dr. Sitapara. I was even on medication for it because it was so difficult. For both of us this was an enormous relief, he even comes into the hospital when we need him. My husband has had a few hospitalizations, but they’ve been so much easier since we’ve met Dr. Sitapara.

I can’t thank him and his practice enough for his contribution to our lives. What has been especially helpful to us is the 24 hour on call help that we get for emergencies. We have his cell phone number and we can call anytime—day or night. It is enormously reassuring to know that Dr. Sitapara is always there.

The results of medical weight loss programs shown on this website are those of real patients. However, individual results may vary. During your consultation with Dr. Sitapara, the results you can expect based on your current weight and medical conditions will be discussed.

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