How to Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

The secret to making a big change is to start small. Rather than committing to a vague New Year’s resolution like “lose weight” or “be healthier,” try setting more specific goals. As 2019 progresses, try introducing these healthy habits into your daily life:

Drink Eight Glasses of Water Every Day

Our body needs water to function efficiently. Drinking more water can improve your complexion, reduce headaches, and promote weight loss. If you don’t like the taste of the water in your area, you can add extra flavor with fresh fruit like lemons, blueberries, or strawberries. Many people track their daily water intake by journaling or using an app on their phone.

Add One Vegetable to Each Meal

The simplest way to eat more veggies is to sneak them into your everyday meals. Once you get into the habit, adding one vegetable to each meal isn’t so hard. Try out these ideas:

  • Add spinach to your morning omelet
  • Swap out your sandwich for a lettuce wrap
  • Try zoodles (or “zucchini noodles”) instead of noodles
  • Snack on some homemade kale chips

Try Out One New Workout Each Month

Have you been skipping the gym recently? Shake up your routine and experiment with new ways to get fit. Sign up for a yoga class, go rock climbing, or set up a game of basketball with your friends. You may discover a fun, active hobby along the way.

Try Out One New Recipe Every Week

Have you fallen into a home cooking rut? If cooking your own meals means eating the same dishes every day, then it’s tempting to order take-out. If you are always experimenting with new flavors and cuisines, however, then cooking at home becomes a foodie adventure!

Avoid Screens for One Hour Before Bed

Getting enough sleep is as vital to your overall health as proper nutrition and regular exercise. Sufficient sleep is linked to higher concentration, better mood, improved immune function, and other positive health effects. One way to fall asleep faster is to avoid electronic screens (including your phone, tablet, TV, and computer) for one hour before bed.

Ask for Extra Support

Getting healthy is easier when a team of experts is offering you guidance and support. At Signature Medicine, our concierge medicine and weight loss programs near Yardley, PA, will help you achieve your health goals.

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