How to Help Maintain Your Medical Weight Loss Throughout the Fall

Maintaining weight loss isn’t something that’s easy for most individuals. The difficulties can increase during the cooler months of the year if it’s too nippy outside to enjoy doing physical activities. Those who are going through weight loss programs in Newtown, PA, can use these tips to help them maintain their weight loss during the autumn months and beyond.

Get Physical Whenever You Can

Staying active is an important part of maintaining your weight loss. Even though you might not feel like getting outside, there are other options. Find exercise videos to follow along with, walk around your house when there’s a commercial on television, or go to the gym if it’s open. You should do at least 40 minutes of activity that’s moderate to vigorous in intensity at least three to four days per week. Try not to get stuck always doing the same thing for your active time. Changing up the exercises you do can challenge your muscles and help you to reap bigger benefits.

Find a Motivating Support System

Your support system can have a big impact on your success. Try to find people who can motivate you to keep pushing toward your goals, even if you want to quit. These individuals might be friends and family members, but you can look beyond them. Your medical weight loss team, fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other people who are on a weight loss journey might also be amazing motivators for you.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Setting small goals that help you to move toward your big goal can help you make decisions that benefit your health. Find non-food rewards for when you meet your goals. A new book to read, a new pair of sneakers, a massage, or a pedicure are a few examples of rewards that you might enjoy.

Plan Your Meals

It’s all too easy to sit at home and graze throughout the day without paying attention to how many calories or what types of food you’re consuming. Some medical weight loss patients might find that transitioning to a program like OPTIFAST during the fall months helps them to stay on track with their eating so they can maintain their weight loss. 

Signature Medicine is here to help you through this season, so contact us to get started. We tailor our medical weight loss plans to meet your personal needs, so you don’t have to try a one-size-fits-all plan.

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