General Primary Care Provider in Newtown, PA

The people of Lower Bucks County, PA, are always looking for ways to take better care of themselves and their physical health. At Signature Medicine, we provide our patients with a full suite of medical care to address their every medical need.  For 15 years Signature Medicine has providing the highest level of care for the residents of Bucks County.

We are happy to announce that for a limited time, Signature Medicine is now accepting new patients for general primary care under our primary care provider, Breana Bevan CRNP.  Breana is a fully certified & registered Nurse Practitioner duly licensed to practice medicine.  Breana completed her training and graduated from Thomas Jefferson University.  Prior to being a primary care provider,  she cared for patients of all ages at Abington Medical Center as a surgically trained RN.  Breana has been with Signature Medicine for over 1 year and is well regarded by our current patients.  She is noted for her outstanding compassion, ability to listen, patience, and her genuine interest in your health.  She not only see’s patients in the office, she is well known to follow up with a phone call afterwards to make sure your doing okay.  Patient’s have commented on her attention to detail and high level of medical competency, above other providers they used to see.   Often she is available to see patients for same day appointments.  Breana Bevan provides all patients with care and attention to even the smallest details so that she can provide you with an early diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

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What Is General Primary Care?

Primary Care medicine is a medical specialty that covers preventing, diagnosing, and treating the long list of internal diseases that can affect people.  We can help you stay current with vaccinations, and early detection screening as well as perform annual physicals and annual wellness visits.  We deal with unexpected acute illnesses ranging from sprain ankles, sore throats, concussions, to COVID infection. Our Nurse Practioner is well trained and spends time in advising on healthy nutrition, staying active, and quitting smoking.  We can also help with issues with mood, depression, poor sleep, fatigue.  And finally, we can treat and manage most chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, COPD, Alzheimer’s Disease, obesity and hundreds of other conditions.

General Primary Care Provider in Newtown, PA

When you’re looking for experienced internal medicine doctors and specialists, you want to find reputable general practitioners with a proven track record of doing what’s best for their patients. Signature Medicine offers an inclusive primary care general practice clinic for our patients to receive the high-quality care necessary to address their medical needs. Our patient care team works towards creating a warm safe environment where our patients feel comfortable with their primary care provider and have confidence that they’re receiving the best treatment possible.

Internal Medicine Provider for Diabetes in Newtown, PA

One of the leading causes of death in the United States, 1 in 10 people will be diagnosed with diabetes at some point in their life. Getting an accurate diagnosis from an experienced general practitioner can help you better manage and live with the condition while the medical community continues to search for a cure. If you believe you have diabetes, we can help you know for certain and we will spend time and work with you to help achieve your blood glucose, Hba1c, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight goals to prevent the dangers of diabetes such as neuropathy, heart attack and kidney failure.

Internal Medicine Provider for Heart Disease in Newtown, PA

While diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, heart disease tops the list. With a comprehensive list of conditions that affect your heart and its ability to function, finding an experienced primary care team that can help with your diagnosis becomes vital to your treatment.  The means with focusing on treatment using natural means, lifestyle changes, to safe and effective medications.  With help setting clear goals in cholesterol, blood pressure, we can prevent you from getting heart disease.  And if it already there, we can help reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease with the proper medications and changes.

Internal Medicine Provider for Osteoporosis

Have you noticed that you have suffered a fracture in your hip, wrist, or spine.  It could be a sign that you have developed osteoporosis. This condition affects people by making their bones weak and brittle.  With an estimated 44 million Americans — half over 50 — dealing with this illness, finding a primary care provider specializing in osteoporosis can help you deal with your symptoms and develop a strategy to help counter the condition.

Providing Access to LGBTQ-Friendly Clinics and Physicians in Newtown, PA

The LGBTQ community has a long and sad history of being denied access to primary care doctors that could help with their medical needs. With a combination of prejudice and discrimination, it has been a struggle to turn the tide and get access to basic primary care providers’ help. In Greater Bucks County, PA, Signature Medicine welcomes everyone to our LGBTQ-friendly office to receive proper medical care.

Our LGBTQ-friendly primary care providers in Newtown, PA, have made it a mission of our practice to provide safe, unbiased,  compassionate and comprehensive medical care to a community that was often turned away based on who they are.

Trust Signature Medicine With Your Comprehensive Medical Needs.  We are here for you.  Call us for same day appointment.