Food Hack: 3 Healthy Alternatives for Your Favorite Comfort Junk Foods

It’s hard to stray away from the things we love most, but staying in a toxic relationship isn’t healthy for anyone. Junk food may make you feel good at the moment, but it takes a toll on your body, health, and weight. Part of our medical weight loss solutions includes finding healthy food alternatives that taste good and make you look good. 

If You’re Craving Chips…

When you’re trying to curb your appetite for a short period of time, there’s no easier snack to grab than a bag of potato chips. We all know chips are bad for us because they have ridiculous amounts of sodium and fats, but did you know that they also contain acrylamide? Acrylamide is a possible human carcinogen (or cancer-causing chemical) according to many government organizations. So, losing the potato chips isn’t only good for your weight, but also for your overall health. 

…Try Veggie Chips

Do you know what’s good for your weight and your health? Veggie chips! We’re not talking about the premade bag you find at your local supermarket. We mean real veggie chips that you cook in your oven. It may sound like an arduous task, but it’s actually super easy. Just grab your favorite vegetable, cut it into really thin slices, season with salt, pepper, and a smidge of olive oil, and pop it in the oven. This healthy alternative is full of delicious flavors. 

If You’re Craving Soda…

Drinking a can of soda is like eating ten sugar packets one after the other. Artificially-sweetened drinks like soda have outrageous amounts of added sugar — it’s what makes them taste so good. It’s also the reason these drinks are linked to serious health problems, from increased blood pressure to heart disease. Not to mention, when you drink soda, you ingest empty calories that contribute to visceral fat, also known as belly fat. 

…Try Flavored Sparkling Water

If You’re Craving Pizza

We saved the best for last. There’s no denying that pizza is the most delicious food ever invented, but it’s full of bad calories that make sticking to your New Year’s resolution harder than hard. Probably the unhealthiest part of pizza is the crust, which is full of refined carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. 

…Try Healthy Homemade Pizza

You can still have the delicious taste of pizza without a crust that packs on the pounds. Most pizza places don’t have an assortment of healthy crusts to choose from (if they have any at all), so it’s up to you to make it healthy at home. We’ve found that cauliflower, sweet potato, and chickpeas make some of the best crusts. You can easily find their recipes online too! Load the crust with some low-sodium tomato sauce, a light dusting of cheese, and plenty of veggies, and you have yourself a healthy homemade pizza. 

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