Dr. Sitapara is a “Top Doctor” Two Years in a Row

In 2018, Dr. Ashish J. Sitapara of Signature Medicine was a winner of the “Top Doctor 2018” award in Philadelphia magazine, and now he has repeated the feat by winning the 2019 award, too.

Awards are given to more than 2,600 medical professionals in the area. They go to physicians from all specialties, from Addiction Psychiatry to Women’s Health.

Dr. Sitapara’s specialty is Internal Medicine, and we’re proud to announce that he was the only Newtown internist to receive this distinction. Within the field of Internal Medicine, Dr. Sitapara’s work focuses on Concierge Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and Preventive Medicine.

Of course, this isn’t the first prestigious award Dr. Sitapara has won. He has also won multiple Patients’ Choice Awards, among other distinctions.

He emphasizes communication with patients, providing individualized care to all his patients and making sure they stay well-informed. Dr. Sitapara’s compassionate, comforting bedside manner puts all his patients at ease and lets them know they’re in good hands.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program

If you visit other weight loss programs, they’ll probably focus only on the physical changes behind weight loss. But our medical weight loss is personalized and focuses on every aspect of your health to help make your weight loss a success.

A huge part of weight loss is psychological; without the right attitude, weight loss is difficult if not impossible. By putting you in the right mindset, dietary changes and increases in physical activity will be something you’ll want to do, not just tasks that you feel like you have to do. With ongoing support to keep your willpower at the level it needs to be, weight loss is within reach. These will tactics also work for long-term health by helping you keep the weight off after you’ve reached a healthier weight.

Coupled with the dietary changes that are also an integral part of the program, your dreams of weight loss can come true. Contact Dr. Sitapara at Signature Medicine today!

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