Wellness & Preventative Care

What if you could detect, prevent or reverse certain diseases before they surface? You can. Wellness & Preventative Care is at the heart of our concierge medicine program.  By employing prevention strategies and taking advantage of early detection tests and escores, you can be proactive about your health, minimize health risks and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We believe if you improve your health care, you improve your life.

Concierge Medicine Risk Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive health evaluation to understand your health. This wellness exam is repeated annually to ensure continued wellness and includes:

  • Review of family history, personal medical history and lifestyle analysis
  • Memory and mental health screening
  • Evaluation of sleeping, exercise and nutrition habits
  • Vision and hearing screening

Risk Prevention

Our risk prevention services complements your initial comprehensive health evaluation. Dr. Sitapara personalizes individual tests based on your health needs. This wellness program includes a series of assessments and screenings to measure particular areas of your health, custom recommendations for optimal health and periodic checks with Dr. Sitapara.

Patient care at Signature Medicine  focuses on support. Dr. Sitapara will work closely with your specialists. Every time you see a specialist, we’ll sit down with you to review and discuss the specialist’s recommendations and determine the best course for treatment.