Covered Services

What makes concierge medicine the future of primary care

Our concierge medicine program is time and service intensive. This allows us to address your specific healthcare goals on a schedule that meets your needs.

We will work by your side, offering risk assessment and regular comprehensive wellness exams to make sure that we are preventing illnesses and catching disease early on, helping to keep you in control of your health.

Our Services

At Signature Medicine, your health comes first. We offer a wide array of services to provide you with the most optimized care possible. As part of our concierge medicine program, you will be provided with ongoing preventative care and regular risk assessment.

Your preventative health care screenings will include:

  • Past medical history review
  • Past surgical history review
  • Medication review
  • Immunization review
  • Social history review
  • Exercise history review
  • Basal metabolic rate evaluation
  • Body mass index assessment

As part of our promise to your continued care, we look beyond the standard health evaluation and dig deeper, providing you with all the information you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your concierge medicine program will include additional services as needed, such as:

  • Neurologic examination
  • Cranial nerve testing
  • Reflexology
  • Pulmonary examination
  • Pulmonary function test via spirometry
  • Occult blood testing
  • Cardiology examination
  • Resting EKG
  • Cardiac echocardiogram
  • Coronary calcium score
  • Fasting lipid panel
  • Cardiac c reactive protein
  • Full-body dermatology testing
  • Genitourinary examination
  • PSA exam
  • Standard laboratory examinations
  • Urine analysis
  • Tuberculosis skin test
  • Wellness and lifestyle consultations
  • Cosmetic consultations

In addition to providing these services, Dr. Sitapara will work closely with any specialist that you choose to visit, ensuring that all medical care is centered on your health plan. If there is an additional service not listed above that you are curious about, please contact us to learn more.