Burn more calories with a pedometer

Burn more calories with a pedometerWe all know that carrying extra weight on our bodies is less than healthy and can contribute to the development of metabolic disorders, and premature aging. To be successful in a journey to lose weight we must watch the food we take in and regularly increase our activity.

For long-term weight maintenance, burning off calories may be as important as reducing the calories we take in. While many of us think we get enough exercise throughout the day, there are ways to keep track. Successfully tracking exercise will let us know how many calories we are burning. On average 2000 steps a day, which is about a mile, will burn about 100 calories.

One inexpensive way to track our exercise on a daily basis is to use a pedometer. Pedometers track your exercise by logging each step you take throughout the day. Walking 10,000 steps in a day will increase your stamina, build muscle, burn calories and help you maintain weight loss. Most of us who do not get enough exercise probably only log about 3000 steps in a day.

Adding a brisk walk into our schedule once a day can add the extra steps needed to make the impact we need in our lives and in our battle to lose weight. It’s not just planned regular exercise that will help us in this goal. Adding a few extra steps in everything we do throughout the day will make a big difference. Take the extra steps at work or at the mall instead of using the elevator or escalator. We don’t always have to get that prime parking space up front. If it’s a nice day, park a little further back and use the time to get some walking in.

Once you start using your pedometer to keep track of your steps you will see the difference and know you are making strides in your life as well as your walking. Your baselines steps per day will increase and once that number doubles you are burning more calories and on your way to losing weight and fighting the aging process.

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