The Best Outdoor Exercises to Try Out This Summer

On beautiful summer days, going from work to the gym to the couch is the opposite of motivating. Instead, enjoy the lovely weather, boost your mood, and burn a few calories with these great outdoor exercises:


Anyone can go for a walk. You don’t need fancy equipment, an expensive gym membership, or a how-to guide for proper form. Take a stroll on your lunch break or speed walk in the evening, and you will quickly notice a boost in your mood.


The next time you need to visit the store, leave your car in the driveway and hop on a bike. Cycling lets you explore your neighborhood and travel wherever you need to go. This low-impact exercise also builds your leg muscles and reduces lower back pain.

Trail Running

For a better run, leave the city streets behind. When you need to find your footing on the uneven terrain of a trail, you work harder for every step. You will push yourself to run up steep inclines, and you can enjoy beautiful views along the way.

Park Bench Exercises

You can achieve a full-body workout at your local park, and the only equipment you need is a simple park bench. Warm up with a jog, and then try out a circuit routine with exercises like push-ups, step-ups, single leg lunges, climbers, box jumps, dips, and bridges.


Do you like a little more structure to your workout? Push your body to the limits with an outdoor Bootcamp fitness class. You will build confidence in your physical abilities while challenging every muscle in your body. Plus, the Bootcamp’s team atmosphere will help you stay motivated.


Yoga is an exercise for both the mind and the body, so its benefits are enhanced when you practice your poses in nature. Try out yoga in an outdoor setting to boost your energy levels, heighten your senses, and relieve stress.

Which Outdoor Exercise Fits Your Lifestyle?

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