Benefits of Visiting a Medical Spa

If work or other life events have drained you of your energy, a medical spa might be just the thing you need. A medical spa is a harmonious and balanced blend of a day spa and a medical clinic. They offer aesthetic procedures with medical-grade products, guaranteeing results unmatched by a regular salon. This is the place where you come to abandon the burden of a stressful week and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on life again. 

How Can a Medical Spa Benefit You?

  • Look Better, Feel Better: Stress can take a toll on the body emotionally, mentally, and physically. The pressure exerted on the body by stress shows itself in the form of declining health, changes in personality, and languished appearance. We all know that after a stressful week, we like to put on our best clothes and spend a night relaxing with those closest to us. Medical spas do the same thing! We offer aesthetic programs that are designed to reinvigorate you and sharpen your self-confidence. Any imperfections you’re insecure about will be eliminated so you can put forward your best self. We know that when you look your best, you feel your best. 
  • Physician Care: Aesthetic salons offer cosmetic procedures with fast and beautiful results. What they lack is a doctor that takes into account your health history and your future goals. Physician care is what sets our medical spa apart from a regular salon. Dr. Sitapara and his medical team at Signature Medicine are your personal health coaches. We don’t perform any procedure that doesn’t focus on eliminating problem areas with long-lasting results. It’s the care of our doctors and assistants that restores patients to their full health.
  • Advanced Technology: A medical spa uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve amazing results. Our equipment consists of medical-grade appliances, which provide enduring results. We penetrate more than just skin-deep; by fixing the underlying issues, we promise incredible results that last years. 
  • Relaxing Environment: Just because we have doctors on call, doesn’t mean we’re a doctor’s office. Our medical spa has a spa setting: comfortable, homey, and relaxing. As a wellness center, we are 100% focused on our members wellbeing. The first step is to create a relaxing environment for them. There’s no room for stress or negative thoughts inside our walls.

What Do We Offer at Our Medical Spa?

Dr. Sitapara and his medical team start your health journey by taking into account your health history. Then we attack the underlying problem to show you long-lasting results. Our services range from facial rejuvenation to laser hair removal. We also offer medical weight loss programs and concierge medicine in our Newtown facility. Contact us today!

Contact us today to find out more about our services. In addition to our high-quality medical spa, we also offer medical weight loss programs and concierge medicine. Start your health journey today!


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