4 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Faster When Walking

Walking is definitely an underrated form of exercise. In fact, placing one foot in front of the other will lead to not only physical benefits but also mental benefits.

But today, we’re here to talk about what you can do to lose weight faster when walking. While you may not see big results right away, just remember that consistently walking and using these tips over time will eventually give you the outcome you’ve been seeking. Without further ado, here are four tips to add to your walking routine that will help you lose weight faster:

1. Make a step goal – Sure, you can walk without a step goal in mind because any walking is better than none, but if you’re looking to lose weight it’s a good idea to have an objective. There are tons of apps out there that can help you keep track of how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. You can also invest in a Fitbit to keep track. Most experts say to aim for 10,000 steps per day if you’re serious about losing weight.

2. Keep track of your daily calorie intake – Since walking is typically a low-intensity workout, you’ll definitely need to pair healthy nutrition with it to see results. Ask your doctor for daily nutrition pointers and how to keep track of your calories day in and day out.

3. Swing your arms – You may feel a little bit silly at first, but exaggerating your arm swing while you’re walking boasts additional benefits. It helps speed up your pace while working your upper body. It can even burn up to 10% more calories in comparison to a normal arm swing. Perfect your arm swing by bending your arms to 90 degrees, extending the arm behind the body as far as you can comfortably, and making sure the hand rises to the level of the chest on the upswing.

4. Don’t forget about hills – While walking on level ground has plenty of its own benefits, we suggest throwing some hills into your daily routine from time to time to mix it up and increase the intensity. Walking up and down hills burns calories faster by speeding up your metabolism and building muscle in your lower body.

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